Mother’s Day Coupon

Happy Mother’s Day

My mother has been gone for about 20 years now. She was a wonderful Mom and amazing woman. She always told me, my sisters and my daughter that we were smart and pretty because she felt that life was hard on women. She taught me many things by role modeling as well.

One day as a teenager, I noticed my mother dishing herself up smaller portions. I asked her if she was ‘dieting’. She said,” No, I am just cutting back a little so I don’t get fat.” She still had dessert too, but in smaller portions. She was barely 5’2” and managed to keep her weight at 120 pounds and fit into her size 10 pants all her life. One thing my Mom taught me was to never say the word diet. She didn’t punish herself or deprive herself of desserts which she loved. She also didn’t ‘yoyo diet’ like my friend’s mothers whose weight was always an issue and fluctuated greatly. She was a smart woman.

As a hypnotherapist, I love helping people lose weight without ‘yoyo dieting’. I also love helping women to feel better about themselves and realize that they too are smart and pretty!


$50 Off 1 Session for Self-Esteem or Relaxation for Mom

Expires 6/9/2017

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