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Service #1 Quit Smoking

We have successfully helped many people in Loveland, Ft. Collins, Greeley, Johnstown and Cheyenne to quit smoking or stop chewing tobacco using hypnosis. Quit Smoking and Quit Chewing are done in three session packages. Each session is recorded and emailed to the client to listen to daily.  Let go of this dirty, expensive habit today.


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Service #2 Past Life Regression

Tammy is certified in Past Life Regressions by the Ravenheart Center and by NATH. She has obtained a Delores Cannon Level I Certificate. She has attended additional trainings with Brian Weis and Mira Kelley. Many people are curious to experience a Past Life Regression. Often they will have a goal such as learning if they had a specific past life with a family member. Although we focus on this, the sessions have a life of their own as there are often other issues that the guides decide to focus on. It is usually what the client needs to experience at this point in their lives.

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Other Hypnotherapy Services #3

Tammy J. Carpenter’s compassionate, individualized approach has helped her patients in Loveland, Ft. Collins, Greeley, Cheyenne and Johnstown to lead healthier and happier lives. She also offers services online through skype or zoom or by phone. Tammy genuinely cares for every client and will help you meet your  goals today. Tammy is experienced in treating a wide array of other issues using hypnotherapy including:

*Sports Attainment

*Pain Management

*Goal Achievement

*Job Interviews




*Public Speaking

*Stress Relief



*Nail Biting

*Alcohol Cessation

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Loveland Hypnotherapist

We can help you with all your hypnotherapy needs in Loveland, Ft. collins, Johnstown,  and Greeley. We work in a caring, professional way. We are conveniently located near I25 and Hwy 34. We also offer virtual sessions by phone or skype. We have helped many people to lose weight , quit smoking and to be less stressed. They always say they sleep better. Many have reported back that when they can’t sleep, they listen to the recordings again and it always puts them to sleep.

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