Hypnotherapy and Sugar Cravings

I recently watched a great episode of Good Morning America where they discussed where sugar cravings may come from. “We know some of the bacteria in the gut are actually sending signals to the brain,” Maya Fellar, a registered dietician, told ABC News. That is an amazing idea that our gut bacteria make us crave their food of choice, sugar! Your brain hormones get addicted to sugar as a reward, which makes you crave more. They also reported that how much sugar your mom ate when pregnant could be influencing your sugar cravings.

Sad to blame our parents again, but I was raised by a half Norwegian mother, who baked as a sport. I’d come home from school to fresh cinnamon rolls, caramel rolls, brownies and valentine cookies. No wonder I like sugar! We had a candy drawer on top of that and a cookie jar that was always full.

What advice did the show have for eliminating sugar cravings? First, they suggested Stash dessert teas. Just the name makes my mouth water. I have always enjoyed a good peppermint tea in the evening, but I am going to try the chocolate hazelnut and red velvet teas they talked about.

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Second, they also suggested fruit, but we didn’t eat much fruit when I grew up unless it came out of a can. Well apples and bananas were the exceptions. I have found dried mango slices to be amazingly sweet and flavorful. I have also enjoyed dried, candied ginger, but check the added sugar content of all dried fruit. Remember we are only supposed to have 25 grams of added sugar a day.

Third, they suggested to go ahead and eat candy, but keep portion control in mind. I love Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co.’s Dark Chocolate Discs because they melt slowly in your mouth and taste very chocolatey. The serving size of ¼ cup (18 discs) has only 18 grams of sugar and 200 calories. So, each disc is approximately 1 gram of sugar and 11 calories. I usually only eat 5 or 6 discs and am very satisfied. They also suggested checking out See’s Chocolate Mini-Pops as they have less than ½ teaspoon (approx.4 grams) sugar and can be eaten slowly and enjoyed for 4-5 minutes.

So, sugar cravings come from genetics, the environment you grew up in and bad habits you have developed over time. Hypnotherapy can work to help with the bad habits and I have helped many people to curb their sugar cravings and to eat healthier with smaller portions. If you want to learn more about how hypnosis can help you with your sugar cravings call 970-612-8524 for a free phone consultation today.


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