6 Reasons Hypnotherapy Can Help You Stop Indulging in Emotional Eating


According to Melanie Greenberg Ph.D., there are six reasons you indulge in emotional eating when stressed (Posted Dec 07, 2015 in Phsycology Today) They are:1. Lack of time or money, 2.Lack of mindfulness, 3. Lack of sleep, 4. Cortisol, 5. Lowered Metabolism  and 6. Late night eating. As a hypnotherapist for many years, I have helped people with all of these problems.https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-mindful-self-express/201512/six-reasons-you-indulge-in-emotional-eating-when-stressed

Lack of Mindfulness

Eating unconsciously without even tasting food properly makes it hard for the stomach to send signals to your brain when you are full. This is why I include the message to eat slower and be more mind full in weight loss scripts. Also that you will be more aware when you are full and stop eating.

Lack of Sleep

According to Greenberg, lack of sleep may disrupt the functioning of ghrelin and leptin—chemicals that control appetite.  Hypnotherapy is a relaxed state of trance. Hypnotherapy helps people to relax and sleep better. In my experience, clients always report sleeping better after listening to the recordings at bedtime.


According to Greenberg, stress creates a “fight or flight” response, causing our bodies to release of a cascade of chemicals, including adrenaline and cortisol. In the short-term, adrenaline helps you feel less hungry as your blood flows away from the internal organs and to your large muscles. However, once the effects of adrenaline wear off, cortisol, known as the “stress hormone,” hangs around and starts signaling the body to replenish your food supply quickly. This results in poor food choices such as sugary, salty junk food.

Hypnotherapy reduces stress and cortisol. The hypnotherapist uses hypnotic techniques such as counting backward, having you visualize relaxing scenes and the hypnotic voice to help you relax. They may also use a progressive relaxation technique where they help you relax your body from head to toe. This results in better food choices.

Lowered Metabolism

Stress lowers your body’s metabolism, so that there is more glucose around to provide energy for fight or flight just as our ancestors needed. Yet today, this only makes you have more protective belly fat that is not needed because food is readily available. Hypnotherapy can lower your stress and I can even provide a script to suggest that your metabolism is turned up. That you will want to walk more and exercise more.

Late-Night Eating

We all know late night eating is the worse! Hypnotherapy suggestions to stop late night eating, to avoid the kitchen after dinner and to only eat healthy snacks are very effective. This with suggestions to avoid snacking and take only small portions before realizing that you are full seem to work really well for this problem.


Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool to help people alleviate stress and lose weight. It helps people to sleep better and to be more mindful and organized in their life. It can help with that fight or flight reflex that leads to increased cortisol and late night eating. It can even be used to suggest an increased metabolism and desire to exercise more. If you have never been hypnotized before, it is worth looking into.

2 thoughts on “6 Reasons Hypnotherapy Can Help You Stop Indulging in Emotional Eating”

  1. I tried hypnotherapy for weight loss and it did not work . I did six session with the therapist and had a recording to listen to at night.
    How can we tell if we have a good therapist. One that has a good script?

    1. Roberta,
      I believe reading the reviews by other people who have used the hypnotherapist is a good place to start. In my 60 and 90 Day Loveland Weight Loss Programs, I have the client email a weekly accountability report so that I can write a personalized script for their next session.This tailored approach works best as their weight loss needs evolve as they progress.

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