11/1/2017 Adrenaline Junkies

Today there is an air of foreboding. What used to be just doomsday predictions of cataclysmic storms, extreme fires and floods seems to be coming true. All the media and news are focused on the negative. All the people watching and listening to the news seem to continue to obsess with the negative long after they have stopped watching it. This creates a sense of fear and a fight or flight reaction that pumps up one’s adrenaline.

It is real and it is scary. Who doesn’t love a good scary movie to get the heart racing? We as humans have learned to enjoy this rush because our modern lives have often become quite boring and mundane. In earlier times, survival required humans to be able to call upon this adrenaline to provide extra energy and strength to out run a wild beast or two. It meant the difference between being ate or surviving. Today, if we stay in our safe homes and travel in our safe cars and work at our safe jobs…life can get very mundane.

Some people drive too fast to provide more excitement, others like up dangerous hobbies like skydiving, and many get the rush watching superhero action movies or playing video games. Listening to too much negative news on the television, radio or internet can have the same results. After a while, we get so used to living this way that it feels normal and we become adrenaline junkies as this is our fix to get us up in the morning and keep us going throughout the day. Your mind is so powerful that it cannot tell the difference between real and imagined danger and the body sends you an adrenaline rush just the same.

Then after we deplete our adrenaline, we use alcohol, pot or sleeping pills to help calm us down and get to sleep afterwards. It becomes a vicious cycle. It adds cortisol to our bloodstream which makes us crave unhealthy high carbohydrate, salty, sugary, junk foods. Our body believes we need these foods to give us quick energy to outrun that beast. In truth we are zoning out in front of that flat screen or computer screen and burning very few additional calories. This cycle may lead to not only obesity but health concerns such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

What is the solution? First turn off the machines like the televisions and computers.  Next find a way to relax such as yoga, meditation or hypnotherapy. Listening to a recorded meditation or hypnotherapy tape at bedtime can help you to sleep better as well. This will also assist in lowering your cortisol levels, which in turn will help you to crave junk foods less. This is why hypnotherapy is so beneficial for healthy weight loss.

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